Natural Health and Reducing Stress

Lately, I have been feeling physically exhausted. I know that my neck ache is causing the pain and what I need is a good therapist that can ease those hard knots. I tried rubbing some natural health ointment but somehow it’s just offering a temporal relief which isn’t good enough for me.

[DFR::453428220-6374-ss|align_left_1]Many therapists tell me that stress and anxiety are the main causes of aches and pains. Well, we must admit that it can be hard to put things to a stop or slow down in most situations. But we can make lifestyle adjustments to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety and it does take determination.

If you’re always tired, maybe it’s time for you to consider the following tips on how to stay sharp and ready to face the daily grind.

Contrary to popular belief, sugar should not be considered a main source of energy. In fact, sugar is mostly converted to fat if it is unused through physical activity or exercise. High-sugar, high-calorie food and beverages like softdrinks, chocolate bars, candies, and desserts should be avoided or consumed in moderation. The ìlowî that comes after the ìhighî of a ìsugar rushî can actually make a person feel more tired.[DFR::461608168-6374-ss|align_right_1]

When excessive fatigue hits, many people would grab a cup of coffee for a quick ‘pick-me-up’ fix. But a recent study showed that excessive coffee drinking can lead to exhaustion. The temporary boost simply masks the fatigue instead of relieving a person suffering from it. In addition, just a little too much caffeine can leave you feeling overstimulated and shaky. The first step to eliminate our exhaustion is to lessen your coffee crutch. You can make the transition by kicking your habit of taking coffee over the weekends, or by limiting your coffee intake to only two cups a day. I have a friend in the Cell phone accessories who needs to drink a cup of coffee after every meal and I thought that was very unhealthy!

Like it or not, a good sleep is a natural health remedy to many illnesses and health conditions. Getting quality sleep is very important. If you are still tired after a full night’s sleep, chances are, something is bothering you so much that you lose sleep over it. Furthermore, if you are trying to sleep and often resort to the use of sleeping pills or alcohol, you may be in for a surprise. Abusing these products can just make your sleeplessness worse in the long run because you may become prone to over-dependence.