Natural Health Remedies and Skin Triggers

Not sure why but I have been getting some nasty allergies on my skin lately. I have been using various kinds of natural health remedies and it’s just so hard to stop the itch!

I have been turning to my favourite paw paw ointment and tea tree oil for some relief but it seems that the natural aloe vera gel is more soothing to the inflamed skin. Sometimes it can be hard to point out the allergens that triggers skin reactions but we can do our best to avoid the triggers. One of the easiest thing to do is to keep your fingernails short to reduce the damage caused by scratching.

Managing your skin’s condition means firstly moisturizing and softening the skin to ensure it does not dry out. Your doctor may recommend you use topical corticosteroid preparations to control the inflammation.

When you take a bath soak in lukewarm water for 20 to 30 minutes, it’s best not to use hot baths or showers, as the heat will increase skin dryness and itching. Natural health remedies suggest that you can add oatmeal or baking soda to the bath for a soothing effect, though it does not help moisturize the skin.

Use a mild soap or a non-soap cleanser with neutral pH (pH7). If you wish to add bath oils do so after you have been in the water so that it can seal in the moisture. Do not use bubble baths as they can form a barrier that stops the bathwater moisturizing your skin. Sometimes wearing jewelry or accessories can also trigger skin allergies so you need to know what you are allergic to. Once, I was shopping for some Aruba jewelry but have to remind myself that I’m sensitive to products made of clay.

After the bath dry yourself by patting your skin with a soft towel. This helps retain moisture. Immediately after drying your skin apply a lotion or emollient cream to help your skin retain the moisture.

To look after your skin you will also need to avoid situations where you will experience extreme physical contact, heavy perspiration, or heavy clothing. This may mean avoiding some sports. Swimming is alright if you rinse the chlorine from your skin as soon as you leave the pool, and use a moisturizer after drying yourself. Choose an organic or natural one if you can.