Getting a Little More Sleep

Sleep is such an important part of holistic treatment. It’s school holidays this week and that means I can sleep in a little more and not have to wake up early to prepare breakfast for my son in the morning! A little more sleep matters to me when I have a late night and this is even more helpful when I have a sinus attack.

Do you know that insufficient sleep can cause sinusitis and respiratory troubles? This is alright for people who don’t suffer from sinusitis but if you have a sensitive nose or airway, then you should ensure eight hours of sleep everyday. It’s okay to break some rules once a while and it isn’t going to hurt. But you are stressed up, sleep is important in helping your body recovering from fatigue and it will help keep your health in check too. So it’s school holidays and our family is enjoying our newgy ping pong table together. We enjoy recreational activities indoor and outdoor and this way, we can keep the family closer together. This afternoon, we are heading off to a rainforest retreat for a little break and to get closer to nature. I’m praying that the mountain air can do more sinusitis and eczema some good and I hope to get better sleep during this short break.

What are you doing for a better sleep everyday? Or when is the last time you get a good sleep? Don’t forget that a sleep deprived body can lead to many sicknesses and health troubles. That’s the basic of holistic treatment knowledge.