Sambucol for Organic Health

We are in the middle in the southern hemisphere so I can see that many organic health stores are promoting supplements and vitamins that can help to ward a cold or cough.

As for our home, I have been using Sambucol for my 6 year old and it’s a good immune builder that has a nice and sweet elderberry flavor. Most importantly, it’s natural so I don’t need to worry that he is dosing some chemicals or drugs. I first learned about this wonderful immune booster when a friend who showing me some used restaurant equipment for sale. Since, this is one supplement I stock in my cabinet and my son never complains about another dose of Sambucol. Only thing is, it finishes fast and I have to keep replacing them!

We are off to the mountains tomorrow so I would be bringing some Sambucol to keep that cold away… I truly think organic health remedies are better than over the counter prescriptions unless they are necessary.

Recreation is One of Alternative Therapies

I always say this ‘everyone needs a break’ and no one should be working without taking some time off for themselves or the family. Having said that, this is what I’ll be doing this weekend. To me, recreation in the great outdoors is one of life’s alternative therapies as it can bring so much ‘health’ to the bones!

My mom is one of those who doesn’t think she needs a holiday. Growing up in a home where life was hard, she only believes that one person has to work hard to survive and holidays is a waste of money. It took me years to explain to her why everyone needs a vacation. Last year, I was able to take her to Hong Kong and I was glad to see that she had a good time with the grand kids. My brother and his family came along and we did lots of eating and shopping. Among my shopping is a Gregory Baltoro 65 and a few pairs of shoes! I had a lovely time with my family.

So if you think a little break and vacation can be one type of ‘alternative therapies’, then we are in this together. We need some rest and relaxation to go that extra mile…. don’t you think so?

Natural Health Remedies and Kidney Cleansing

In the world of natural health remedies, kidney and colon cleansing is an important aspect. So why is kidney cleansing important?

Here is why… Every day, your kidneys process the blood and helps to sift out waste products (like mercury, copper, arsenic-bound chemicals and other toxins) and extra water. The waste and extra water become urine. The urine then flows to your bladder through the ureters. Your bladder stores urine until you go to the bathroom. When your kidneys become overloaded with toxins, diseases of the kidneys and bladder can happen as you are unable to discharge the waste and urine from your body. I was talking to a friend in when shopping for snapper mowers and he told me about his experience with the cleansing process.

Research says that you do kidney cleansing, you help to cleanse the toxin built-up from the kidneys and the bladder. A cleansed kidney works optimally in its function to filter out pollutants, drugs, chemicals and other harmful materials. When you do a kidney cleanse, you also help to eliminate urinary tract infections and dissolves kidney stones. This has to be an important aspect in natural health remedies indeed!

What are some of the other functions of the kidneys? Other than being vital in the elimination of metabolic wastes, your kidneys also help to regulate your blood pressure, maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, activates Vitamin D, helps in maintaining acid-base balance (excretes alkaline salts).

What are the signs and symptoms of an ailing kidney? Lower back pain, edema (√¨water holding”) in the lungs, legs, abdomen, etc, pains that are manifested elsewhere due to poor kidney health.

How do you do a kidney cleanse? There are hundreds of herbal recipes, and many different homeopathic remedies used for cleansing kidney stones. One popular way to cleanse kidney is to a watermelon cleanse. Just purchase 20 – 100 kg of watermelon (which will make up a few huge melons) and sit in a bath filed with water. Eat all the watermelon throughout a day (as much as you can), while continually empting your urinary bladder into the water.

You will need a lot of liquid to cleanse the insides of your body. You can also choose to do water fast or a juice fast to help you produce a gallon of urine a day.

During fasting, avoid strenuous exercise. Light yoga, walking, gardening are all excellent means to stimulate your body metabolism.

However, do note that before you embark on any program, please first consult your health practitioner on how you can best do a kidney cleanse.