Natural Health Remedies with Fruits and Vegetables

One great way to get the nutrients you need from fruits and vegetables every day is to take full advantage of the variety of these foods available. You can’t leave out fruits and vegetables if you are opting for natural health remedies. Eating the same thing every day quickly becomes boring, so why not pick a variety of fruits and vegetables, in every color of the rainbow and in every conceivable shape, size and texture, to give yourself a varied diet every day.

When shopping for fruits and vegetables, it is important to choose a variety of different colors. This is for more than purely artistic reasons. Different color fruits and vegetables have different types of nutrients, and choosing a variety of colors will help ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need each and every day. I used to print out nutrients list from my laser printer, so that I can remind the family the importance of fruits of vegetables. Talking about that, I need to get some new laserjet toner cartridges for the office.

Finding new recipes is another great way to ensure you get those five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Everyone likes to try out new recipes, and these new recipes may just provide the impetus you need to eat all those fruits and veggies.

Organic Health and Broccoli

It’s hard to get kids to eat their greens these days. You can speak to organic health practitioners and they can tell you how important it is to educate the kids. My son loves broccoli and I’m glad it isn’t hard to get him to eat them.

Just the presence of so many good qualities helps broccoli to combat many health problems. It contains components which fight deadly disease like cancer. Broccoli sprouts contains more cancer fighting elements in comparison to well-developed broccoli. Eating broccoli sprouts on regular basis prevents stomach cancer. It also minimizes your chance of gastritis and peptic ulcer. Your sun-damaged skin gets a sigh of relief as it protects your skin. This saves you from diseases like skin cancer. Your heart problems are reduced and chances of heart diseases slope down to minimal. I have heard stories from friends in the roadside assistance business and they told me their experience with eating this super vegetable.

If you want to improve cataract problems, have broccoli sprouts at least twice a week. Your chances of having cataract are reduced immensely. It builds your immune system if you have broccoli in small amounts. It spikes your system due to the presence of zinc and other required minerals. It should be considered as a boon for many pregnant women because it contains folic acid. This folic acid is quite rare due to which broccoli becomes very important. It helps in proper development of the fetus without any defects. It is very good to help you with rheumatoid arthritis. The richness of vitamin C in broccoli saves you from suffering pain by polyarthritis. It is great for asthma patients due to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory factors. Many of your asthma problems are reversed by having broccoli. Deficiency of Vitamin C is the main cause of easy bruising. This deficiency is overcome by eating broccoli.

There are some home remedies for broccoli. I read that having par-boiled broccoli is very good to remove heartburn. Eating broccoli can help you to reduce the high sugar level too.

Organic Health Matters: Phytochemicals

In recent years scientists have discovered that foods contain “phytochemicals”, which is a fancy name for naturally occurring chemicals. This is not the same as nutrients, which we all know are the substances necessary for sustaining life. As a result, organic health experts continue to encourage the consumption of supplements with phytochemicals. This has even spread to the beauty industry as scientists unveil how phytochemicals can assist in anti aging.

Phytochemicals have properties that can aid in disease prevention and cures. Scientists have identified thousands of these chemicals in the foods we eat and a single serving of fruit or vegetables can contain as many as one hundred different phytochemicals. Some dieticians encourage their clients to include more fruits and vegetables in their diet due to the phytochemicals present in these fresh foods. You can even see phytochemical foods served in parties, celebrity engagements and social gatherings. It’s all done in the name of better health!

The most commonly known phytochemicals are the antioxidants. Antioxidants protect our cells from damage by toxic substances and free radicals (a by-product produced by our bodies which converts oxygen into energy). Free radicals can damage cells in our bodies which can lead to disease. Antioxidants protect the body from oxidation and reduce the risk of acquiring many common ailments.