On Random…

Spring is almost ending and in a weeks’ time, we are in summer here in down under. As the weather starts to warm up and gets really humid, the little man at home came home with a cough and cold. All moms get tired out when there is a sick child at home.

Well, I took the time off to start browsing the web for some christmas present ideas and came across a vox ac30. My cousin has been longing for a new guitar and I thought I could buy a music related present for her. Shopping online is a good retail therapy and sometimes, it works better than a medical potion!

Done His Best

The year is coming to an end and my boy is so happy that he’s finishing year two. It’s been a year of roller coaster ride and we had experienced some ups and downs.

This year, he had done much in his school work and I believe he should be rewarded for his hardwork. Though he is receiving trophies like some kids, I am proud of him for achieving another milestone of his childhood. He has done his best and that’s what matters most!

Christmas season

Most of us are aware that Christmas is coming soon. You can see in the shopping malls, streets and restaurants. People are busy doing their Christmas shopping and kids are excited about their wish lists.

We will be away this Christmas though I was hoping that I could do up a Christmas tree. I saw one in the home decorating store and thought it would be nice to decorate the tree and adorn it with all the glitters and cute ornaments I saw in the shop.

Since there’s going to be lots of eating and pigging out this Christmas, I hope everyone keeps well and take care of their health.