are you thinking of an online health store?

Natural and organic health stores are booming at every corner these days. Unlike those days, it is much easier to find a store that sells organic and natural produce in a new town today. This goes the same for online stores for organic clothing, skin care, household products and health supplements. Perhaps you are also thinking of an online health store to share your passion on health as well as to fulfill that dream of owning an e-commerce business. While deciding on what products to market and drafting out your business plans, you should also start researching on your shopping cart software. You would want a shopping cart that is easy to manage, allows you to add products and edit information, with templates to help you with the site design, powered by a secure payment gateway, affordable pricing and helpful customer support. [Read more…]

a career as a medical assistant


After looking at the some practical courses at, I am filled with admiration for people who never grow tired of enriching themselves. And for those who devote their career in serving others in the healthcare industry, whether it’s being a medical assistant, nurse, specialist, lab assistant, doctor or psychiatrist, I am thankful for them.

For those who want to advance your career as a medical assistant, Katherine Gibbs School – Piscataway offers hands on training and practical courses to equip you with the necessary skills. The program can be completed within 12 months and part of the course grants you real work opportunity where you can practice your skills and receive practical on the job training. For more details, check out the course outline at