a resource guide for cosmetic and refractive surgeries


Beauty is an issue that many women, just like you and me, often deal with on a daily basis. If you are unsatisfied with the way that you look or the way you feel, you may have thought about cosmetic surgery. Although cosmetic surgery has helped to improve the physical appearance of many women, it may not be right for everyone.

In the last few months, I met a few girl friends who had undergone lasik eye surgery. They had thought through for some time before choosing this option for their eye care. I believe many people choose cosmetic and refractive surgery for many personal reasons and for some, for the purpose of health. For those who live active lifestyles, lasik may be the solution since it offers convenience and eliminates the need of contact lenses, which can also lead to a host of eye problems. The issue is, it may not be easy finding the right lasik eye surgeon for the procedure. And similarly for cosmetic surgery, locating a suitable surgeon can be a daunting task for most people. No body wants to make a wrong decision for something so crucial, which involves their health and physical appearance, and heavy expenses. [Read more…]

prescription medication reviews

Eversince I spend more time reading up on health matters, I have been careful on prescription medicines. The problem with many doctors whom I met is, they tend to prescribe medication to patients without taking the time to explain why the patient needs it and what is the medication all about. Worse still, many don’t even advise patients on the side effects of the prescribed medicines. I do believe that medication is needed to treat a host of ailments and diseases but sadly, many people end up taking medicines blindly without probing or asking why they need this and that. [Read more…]

herbal nutrition network

There are lots of health products in the marketplace that cater to individuals who want to normalize their weight and improve general health. For our own good, we need to know what it takes to build and maintain a healthy body. I stumble upon Herbalife, a herbal nutrition network that specializes in nutritional supplements for weight loss, health supplements, general nutrition, sports supplements and a range of haircare and skincare products. With more than 1300 Independent Herbal Life Distibutors in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the all-natural products have been developed by a team of nutrition experts, doctors, and even a Nobel Prize Winning scientist. To find out more about Herbalife, check out the Herbal Nutrition Network.