Natural Fruit Enzyme Household Cleaner

I was having a family gathering last week and during the lunch conversation, my cousin was sharing with us about her new found natural household cleaner using fruit enzyme. Previously, I had tried some enzyme from a local health store but didn’t adore the smell so I was really suspicious when she kept raving about how nice her natural household enzyme cleaner was.

After a little web research on cleaners and Anilox roll cleaner, I found out that many eco homes are jumping onto the fruit enzyme bandwagon too. Some call it ‘The Garbage Enzyme’ but the term ‘garbage’ makes your nose sniff a little. And after sampling a bottle of my cousin’s fruit enzyme cleaner, I don’t think the nice smelling ‘citrus waste’ deserves to be called ‘garbage’ at all. It does smell good and most importantly, it works well as a natural household cleaner. For those who are building an eco home, here are some wonderful uses of this natural and environmental friendly fruit enzyme:

1) Use it for your dishes and laundry. Dilution is necessary.

2) Use for washing bathrooms and getting rid of stubborn stains in the toilet bowl. Use it concentrated on the stain, leave it for 10 minutes then flush.

3) Mix a tablespoon with water to clean vegetables and fruits

5) Use the concentrate as a natural insect repellent (use undiluted) for ants, cockroaches..

7) Great as a floor cleaner – living your floors oil and grime free! (My favourite)

8 ) The residue from the enzyme works well as a fertiliser for vegetables, flowering and non-flowering plants

9) Use the citrus residue as a facial mask!

Here’s the recipe for the natural fruit enzyme household cleaner:

300 gms of lemon and orange scraps
1 litre of water
100 gms of brown sugar or molasses

Mix them up in a 2L jar or container (plastic or glass). Cover loosely to allow fermentation to take place. Make sure it’s covered tight or the container may ‘explode’! Label the bottle for reference. The natural enzyme cleaner requires three months to ferment. Once ready, just filter the enzyme with a piece of muslin cloth or fine sieve and store it in a bottle or container. The remaining ‘waste’ or residue can be used as a plant fertilizer or a natural body rub!

create a healthy home today with natural products

These days, I try, as much as I can, to use non-toxic household cleaning products in our home. I must admit that all these practices started ever since our little boy came along. If you have little ones at home, you tend to be careful in what you use in and around the house, starting from household cleaning detergents to the paint on your walls to the air quality in your house.

Whether it’s cleaning the kitchen tabletops, kitchen sinks or your toilet, there are many natural products for home care available in the web. Perhaps you are suffering health problems from headaches, allergies, eczema and other skin disorders, asthma and other respiratory problems, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, loss of co-ordination, liver damage, suppressed immune system, parasites and/or other diseases. Many of the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis are carcinogens and can have both acute and long term health affects. There can also be significant stress and anxiety in dealing not only with health problems but also with trying to fix the house’s problems.

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spending time in the kitchen

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I spend a lot of time in the kitchen since becoming a mom. Since I’m responsible for making food choices for the family and my young child, it is inevitable to educate myself in the area of food value and nutritional guidelines.

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