Organic Health Store for Next Trip

I’m on holiday at the moment so I thought I would drop a quick note here. It’s always nice to be back in Hong Kong despite the poor air quality that the country is known for. But what’s comforting is that I’m coming back to a room with an oxygen air purifier. Well, this means alot to someone who cares about organic health and holistic treatment. This, to me, is a selling point of Chi Residences cos they care about the guests’ health and wellness.

This is purely a vacation for me and I’m getting sufficient retail therapy to keep me happy. My husband finds it hard to understand why a woman needs that many pairs of shoes and bags and why buying them makes her happy. It’s hard to explain but retail therapy is indeed ‘therapeutic’ as long as you don’t buzz your credit card!

Hong Kong is a great place to eat, shop and have fun. It’s a place where you can find many traditional chinese medicinal products and organic health shops are mushrooming in affluent areas. There are also many holistic treatment centers which provide therapies and services that relax the busy locals. You can many of these centers in Central district.

I didn’t have time to experience any of these therapies or to visit any organic health stores due to my short time here. I only did some shopping, dining and searching for some gifts. I promise my uncle to get some tatuaje cigars for him.

I certainly hope to visit an organic health store next trip and perhaps pop in one of the wellness centers for a good massage or foot reflexology. Til then, I’ll flying home tomorrow!

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