Natural Remedies and Asthma Breathing

Since asthma is related to inflammation of the lungs and constriction of the smooth involuntary bronchiole muscles, how can doing natural remedies such as breathing exercises help alleviate your symptoms?

For starters, it is estimated that about 30% of asthmatics suffer some degree of breathing dysfunction. Bad habits are easily learned when suffering from asthma symptoms and it is not uncommon for those habits to continue in between attacks ñ breathing through the mouth and short, shallow breaths for example.

This type of breathing deprives the lungs of their full potential to effectively exchange oxygen with carbon dioxide. Breathing exercises enforce good habits where the full range of lung function is used. Consequently, the body gets the oxygen it needs and you will feel better, particularly your energy levels. I met a group of wedding photographers raleigh nc recently and one of them was sharing with me about her experience with asthma.

And not only will it make the breathing process more efficient, there is evidence that breathing muscles (diaphragm and lung muscles) are strengthened. So even if breath training doesnít directly improve lung function, eliminating bad habits will improve overall health and quality of life. And this new energy level is important in getting stronger and finding the motivation to attack asthma with a total management plan that results in symptoms being completely controlled ñ with very little, if any, need for medications.

In addition to increased energy levels and stronger lung muscles, there is another benefit to breathing exercises ñeven if it doesnít directly result in increased lung function. And that is when actually enduring an asthma attack.

Anyone who has asthma knows what it is like to struggle for breath. You canít get enough air into your lungs and just as agonizing, you canít seem to get any air out. Asthmatics who practice correct breathing exercises are much more likely to be able to endure, in a controlled manner, an asthma attack than those that don’t.

Controlling asthma cannot be achieved by only using one tool. Multiple tools should be used ñ in addition to the control and relief medications prescribed by your physician. Diet, exercise, trigger controls are all essential components; and so is a good and consistent program of breathing exercises. Just one tool won’t get rid of your asthma symptoms. But using all the tools available to you can and there is no reason you can’t enjoy a symptom free lifestyle.

Natural Health Remedies and Massage Therapy

It is becoming common in the field of natural health remedies that massage therapy can help to improve one’s overall well being. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, research proves that massage therapy provides many important health benefits, including:

Improvement in blood circulation in the body, which aids in the recovery of muscle soreness due to physical activity.

Relaxation of muscles for an improved range of motion. Muscle relaxation also helps in the treatment of insomnia. The increase in endorphin levels is actually one of the greatest benefits of the massage therapy. Endorphins are body chemicals that lend a feel-good feeling, which is very effective in managing chronic pain.

It is important to ensure that precautions are exercised while receiving massage therapy. Your muscle should relax in response to the pressure applied by a massage therapist, in the absence of which, it is possible that muscles are inflamed. In such cases, you should not opt for back massages as a treatment option and consult his/her doctor for the treatment. A friend in the box cutters business told me that most muscle spasms require four massage treatments, usually spread over a six weeks period, to achieve best results. If muscle spasms do not respond to the neuromuscular therapy within two massages, try using another therapy.

If you have severe lower back pain, it is advisable that you undergo thorough medical checkup before commencing the massage therapy.

Natural Health Remedies for Bad Breath

Many people do suffer from bad breath and you may have heard of natural health remedies such as peppermint, anatural treatment to counter the problem.

Bad breath is associated with a dry mouth, so taking steps to not have such a dry mouth can reduce the smell. You should make sure that you drink sufficient quantities of water so that you’re not generally dehydrated. Dieting or missing can reduce saliva and dry the mouth, so be sure to eat at regular intervals. Chew on special sugar-free gum, to cause salivation. Don’t drink excessive alcohol as that dries the mouth. Smoking dries the mouth, and is also bad for a number of other well known reasons.

Sometimes, the simplest natural health remedies is to make lifestyle and habitual changes. I was listening to a natural health discussion with my mp3 speakers and it was highlighting how the lack of hygiene can affect how we smell. Teeth should be brushed after every meal Be sure to be thorough and remove all the food particles. While you’re brushing your teeth, brush also the roof of your mouth and your tongue, using regular toothpaste, as this will help to clean adverse compounds. You should also floss between the teeth at least once a day, to dislodge any entrapped particles.

What you eat can make a difference to your health. Eat a low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Avoid too much meat and protein, as the protein is fuel for the bacteria which cause bad breath. Avoid particular strong foods, such as garlic and onions. When these get to the stomach, the smell transfers to the bloodstream, and the air you breath out picks up the smell from the lungs.