Natural Health Remedies to Diet and Fitness

It is a well-known fact that poor diet leads to diseases, illnesses, weight issues such as obesity, even cancer and heart problems. The link between diet and fitness is important for our overall and long term health and wellness. But how do you balance diet and fitness? Are there natural health remedies to these issues?

[DFR::455600135-7669-ss|align_left_1]Like the saying goes, our real wealth is our health. And if that is true, isn’t it worth your time bring your health into peak condition and maintain it?

Here are three simple steps of a natural diet fitness plan:

1. A balanced diet must contain carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral salts and fiber in well proportionate quantity. Carbohydrates are the source of energy so these play an important role in balanced diet. Intentional inclusion of all foods from fruits to vegetables and meats to grains.

2. Eat in moderation. Control your portions, have small quantity at regular intervals. Do you know that the government had spent millions of dollars finding out why the US population is getting heavier? Sometimes, overweight people are just overeating! And if you are one of them, the best diet pill may not help you at all![DFR::455600133-7669-ss|align_right_1]

3. Variation – wide variety in foods,means higher chances of complete nutrition. And variety in your workout routine means a greater chance of sustaining it.

When it comes to fitness, there are a variety of exercises and workouts you can start with. It can be as simple as brisk walking or taking up pilates if you are concerned about weak knees and joints. If you can’t find a Pilates studio or have no time to join a Pilates class, grabbing a Pilates video may be the way to go.

Try out these simple natural health remedies to your diet fitness and you should be on the road to better health.

Natural Health Remedies for Weight Loss

Do a search in the internet and in minutes, you will soon read about the many options to lose weight. There are indeed many natural health remedies for weight loss and it can sometimes be a challenges as the marketplace is packed with high-fat, high-carb and sugary foods. But despite the popular diets, weight loss pills and state of the art fitness machines that all promise to melt away the pounds, more than half of American adults are overweight.

Time and time again, health experts have stressed the importance of changing your lifestyle for long term weight loss and exercising regularly. Here are some ideas of how you can make fitness fun and win the battle of putting off those extra pounds.

[DFR::healthslim-natural-metabolism-booster-for-hea-8197|align_left_1]• Include fitness into your travel plans. Go for a walk, try out green travel and get active. Head to a spa where, along with a little pampering, you can enjoy hiking, trekking, kickboxing, aerobics and yoga.

• Learn a dance. Take up salsa, ballroom dancing or hip-hop dancing class. It’s a great way to lose the pounds, learn how to dance and have fun.

• Join a Pilates class. This is my favourite workout now and I strongly recommend it to anyone! There are good reasons why Pilates became the workout choice for countless celebrities! If you can’t join a Pilates class, grab a Pilates video and start your workout from home. There are lots of Pilates videos available for different levels and focus including cardio pilates, abs, beginners, advanced or core muscles. [DFR::zenitrim-fat-trapper-reduce-appetite-to-lose–2978|align_right_1]

Realistically, any natural health remedies for weight loss will take time. If anyone promises you different, they are either not being completely honest or using some weight loss supplements. Follow one single natural weight loss program for 30 days, whatever it may be, and see if you have results. If not, move on to other options. Whatever it is, don’t give up.

balance ball chair: your answer to fitness and exercise

I had another great Pilates fitness session again this morning. After six Pilates fitness sessions, I can confidently say that Pilates is a wonderful exercise workout that I can grow old with.

Lately, I have been getting some back discomforts from long hours of sitting in front of the computer. After searching around in some organic health and natural health sites, I came across a BalanceBall® Chair which answered my desperate call for a combination of fitness and comfort.

According to the product info, the balance ball chair combines exercise and fitness with comfort and ergonomic back support and what I love about it is, it is affordable! Developed by chiropractic pioneer Dr. Randy Weinzoff and Gaiam, this patented BalanceBall® Chair (with Pump) is an effective tool for strengthening core muscles and improving spinal alignment. If you have experienced Pilates fitness, you will enter how important it is to strengthen those core muscles. Check out the BalanceBall Chair for your posture health!

Let’s hear what some real Balanceball Chair users have to say about this product:

Very comfy! Date: January 24, 2009
Pros: great pool blue color

“Got this to help with my posture while sitting at the computer all day–love it!! Helps tilt your pelvis so your spine stacks over the pelvis instead of all slumpy. I feel more alert when sitting up straight, and can lift my collarbones and move shoulders back and feel even better!

I too had the wheel lock issue and we just put the locking wheels on the rear instead of right by where you tend to kick the front ones–try it!!”

when you are stuck sitting – this is the chair! Date: December 30, 2008
Pros: improves balance
Cons: occassional wheel lock issues

“I have had a ball chair for the last 3 years at work and it is great! I am am outdoorsy person and hate to sit for hours on end but when I have to I will only use this chair. It forces you to sit up straight and really improves your balance.”

Watch this video to learn how the BalanceBall with Pump works: