Suffering from Insomnia

Almost all people have experience occasional sleepless nights. But not too many people realize the seriousness of not getting enough quality sleep. Based on research, as many as 25% of Americans report occasional sleeping problems.

Insomnia is not a disorder, it is a symptom and not a stand-alone diagnosis. In simple terms, insomnia is difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep, or both. It is a term that is used to indicate any and all stages and types of sleep loss.
Although most of us know what insomnia is all about, very few people actually get to seek medical advice and treatment. A chap whom I know from buying utility knives from the store has suffered from insomnia in the last twenty years! Many people are actually unaware of the behavioral and medical options available for treating insomnia.

Strong, prescription sedatives do not produce a natural, restful sleep. If used for extensive periods, a patient may even develop tolerance or dependence on these drugs. However, suddenly stopping the use of the medication may cause rebound insomnia and withdrawal. If insomnia has been interfering with one’s daily routine or quality of life for a month or longer, it is already time to see a doctor to determine what might be the cause of the sleep problem and how it might be treated.

Natural Health Remedies to Counter Insomnia

Most people experience having insomnia from time to time. But if insomnia lasts for a month or longer with no relief, it becomes chronic insomnia. People with chronic insomnia can often get help for their condition from a doctor, therapist, or other counselor. Personally I prefer the natural health remedies to counter insomnia instead of taking any drugs to solve this problem.

Modern technology, however, has come up with a number of sleep aid products to help sleep problems. There’s an herb-scented insomnia relief face mask, a specially rigged pillow with soothing music, or a bracelet massage for your wrist as you lull yourself to sleep. Some people who can’t sleep with a light on may opt for eye masks. Light on the eyes affects the biological clock in our brain, which drives wakefulness or might make for a disturbed sleep.
There are white-noise generators aimed at providing stimulus control. Sometimes some of these sleep aids can be found at home but we just don’t know about it. I was checking information on electric grills that day and I read that some sleep aids replicate the sounds of sea waves or waterfalls at a constant low level and mask other noises that may be picked up by the brain. These sounds actually help promote calmness and eventually, better control over one’s emotions and thoughts.

Natural Health Remedies for Insomnia

When searching for natural health remedies for insomnia, I learned that traditional medicine offers many alternatives for people who have suffered from serious insomnia. Ask someone suffering from chronic insomnia and you will learn that sleeping pills are a commonly prescribed remedy.

Although they do adequately treat the insomnia, they also often have serious side-effects. One of the most serious side-effects is that they can be addictive. It becomes a trade-off for those who choose this approach. Although their insomnia is treated, they become dependent on medication and in some cases have to stay on that medication for the rest of their lives. I was shopping for designer ties when I stumbled upon a friend I had not met for years. She has been suffering from Insomnia and had recently turned to natural health remedies.

There are natural alternatives that a person can take to treat the insomnia. Some of these are in the form of a pill or a tablet which consists of a combination of herbs. Herbal teas are another popular choice for people who suffer from sleep problems. You simply brew a pot of the fragrant tea and sip it shortly before bed. The soothing effects of the tea lull you to sleep without the chemicals associated with traditional sleep medication. Many people turn to when they suffer from the occasional bout of insomnia is to warm a glass of milk. There is a chemical that is released in milk once it is heated. This chemical is called tryptophan and it works to relax the body and help you to drift off to sleep.