Coping with Allergies

Many people think that allergies only affect the respiratory or digestive systems, but they can also affect your largest organ- your skin. As with other allergies the immune system overreacts to the presence of certain substances and releases inflammation-producing chemicals. Do some research and talk to your doctor. You can be confident of controlling your skin condition better if you are sure you understand what causes it.

A common man-made trigger is latex, which comes from the sap of the Brazilian rubber tree. I found out about this when I was shopping for a set of premier mount. The natural proteins and those added in the manufacturing process can trigger an allergic reaction. Most people are aware that this can lead to reactions if you wear latex gloves. However latex is also present in baby pacifiers, balloons, pencil erasers and elastic bands in undergarments. There can also be problems when latex particles become airborne and are inhaled. If you have a latex allergy try to avoid the material and use vinyl or plastic where possible.

For a Restful Sleep

Please use these 3 simple tips to enjoy a more restful sleep tonight.

1) Get a notebook and take 5 minutes right before laying down to free write. What you want to do is get every thought from the past, present, and future out of your head and on paper where it’s safe and secure. This will free the clutter from your head and allow you to rest easier.

2) Get a new alarm clock that wakes you up gradually with classical music. This will do absolute wonders for your morning routine. What you want to do is set the alarm to go off 15-20 minutes earlier than you usually wake up. It will turn on very quietly and slowly bring you out of your slumber.

3) Add a few very healthy snacks to your daily routine. One of my favorites is a 2 oz pre-packaged bag of baby carrots. They taste good, they’re good for you, and they take no prep-time. When you’re hungry at work or on the way home, munch on these. Another great snack is raw almonds. Eating healthier works
amazingly well to help you sleep better.


On Random…

Spring is almost ending and in a weeks’ time, we are in summer here in down under. As the weather starts to warm up and gets really humid, the little man at home came home with a cough and cold. All moms get tired out when there is a sick child at home.

Well, I took the time off to start browsing the web for some christmas present ideas and came across a vox ac30. My cousin has been longing for a new guitar and I thought I could buy a music related present for her. Shopping online is a good retail therapy and sometimes, it works better than a medical potion!