A Good Massage is a Great Natural Health Remedy

The weekends is here and I’m happy to be sleeping in tomorrow! How many of you know that sleep is a fantastic natural health remedy for lots of body ailments and conditions?

I feel that I’m in need of a good massage. Going for a full body massage on a regular basis is one excellent way to help you fight off tensions. That’s what I read in many natural health remedies books and websites. Full body massage stimulates the production of endorphins that promotes relaxation and drowsiness. You can even put on your ipod and enjoy a good rub on your back during the treatment.

When you go for full body massage, your head to your toes and feet are massaged both front and back. A variety of strokes that includes kneading, pulling, wringing, hacking and gliding are used on various parts of the body.

If you are already ill or suffering from constant fatigue or pain, then full body massage can play a big part in your treatment. A full body massage helps to improve blood circulation and blood becomes more easily transportable to the vital organs in your body. This is vital for smooth functioning of your internal body parts. In addition, when blood is supplied to areas that have been injured before, repair and renewal of cells and tissues take place more easily. Combined with conventional medicine and other therapies, repeat sessions of full body massage can do much to accelerate your recovery.