A Search for Natural Health Remedies for Arthritis

I just made an appointment with a rheumatologist for my mom as she was suspected of Sjogren syndrome. That led me to search for some natural health remedies for arthritis and here are my brief findings:

• Vitamin E – This antioxidant is popular among skin care experts who use it to slow down aging and skin repair. But it is also used for osteoarthritis.

[DFR::rhumatol-healthy-joint-support-buy-2-get-1-fr-5579|align_right_1]• Vitamin B is also an effective pain reliever. It works best on the knee and can help stop degeneration that is caused by free-radical molecules, not only in the joints but in other areas of the body as well

• Ginger – Your household ginger is not just good to expel wind! Ginger is an antioxidant that acts as an inflammatory with no major side effects.

• Glucosamine sulfate – This builds cartilage with very few side effects.

• MSM – organic sulfur is used in the reduction of inflammation.

• Nettle leaf – Nettles can reduce a patient’s need for NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) by up to 70 percent.
• Chondroitin – Helps draw fluid into cartilage, improving shock-absorbing ability.

[DFR::flexcin-90-cap-buy-2-get-1-free-5077|align_left_1]These are merely a few instances of what an arthritis sufferer can use when he is looking for natural health remedies for arthritis. When I was shopping for convex mirrors, a lady told me that she had found help in olive extracts. However, due to the lack of scientific study and testing on many of these alternate arthritis treatments, some may not find them effective.

Unfortunately, there is no cure available for arthritis. But you can delay the effects of arthritis by maintaining a healthy weight. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy and avoid repetitious movements that cause you pain.