Recreation is One of Alternative Therapies

I always say this ‘everyone needs a break’ and no one should be working without taking some time off for themselves or the family. Having said that, this is what I’ll be doing this weekend. To me, recreation in the great outdoors is one of life’s alternative therapies as it can bring so much ‘health’ to the bones!

My mom is one of those who doesn’t think she needs a holiday. Growing up in a home where life was hard, she only believes that one person has to work hard to survive and holidays is a waste of money. It took me years to explain to her why everyone needs a vacation. Last year, I was able to take her to Hong Kong and I was glad to see that she had a good time with the grand kids. My brother and his family came along and we did lots of eating and shopping. Among my shopping is a Gregory Baltoro 65 and a few pairs of shoes! I had a lovely time with my family.

So if you think a little break and vacation can be one type of ‘alternative therapies’, then we are in this together. We need some rest and relaxation to go that extra mile…. don’t you think so?

Alternative Therapies and Anxiety Stress

In the last few years, many people have been searching for alternative therapies to cope with anxieties. Generally speaking, anxiety is described as an overwhelming fear, worry, or apprehension. These intensified feelings are always accompanied by bodily manifestations like chronic sweating, uneasiness, heart palpitations, nausea, shortness of breathing, and headaches.

Work-related stress and anxiety, and chronic cares of same sorts can affect one’s work performance. Anxiety induced by a past negative encounter with an officemate, worrying on multitudes of paper works labeled ‘urgent’, and apprehensions to confront a boss can affect indeed office performance.

Start with a proper diet. Others might raise their eyebrows with this self help form of practical alternative therapies but actually it has scientific explanation. Anxiety conditions are the avenues for the usual response of ìfight or flight.î This is a condition where people who are confronted with anxiety challenge or flee from anxiety. With a healthier diet, the body becomes more stable, and eventually, event the anxiety reactions are lessened. You may want to workout on a precor elliptical to help you feel better.

Have a proper attitude. Don’t put unnecessary stresses to your life by going through unnecessary notions. Yes, your boss may have shouted a couple of times but harboring resentment would do no good either. Focus your strength and energy where you really need it most for the work. Anxiety would be gradually obliterated by taming one’s mind. Instead of using your energy to backstab a tyrant boss or get even with a co-worker with hideous attitude, learn to channel those energies to a more worthy cause. Proper attitude is an excellent alternative therapy to anxiety treatment.

Alternative Therapies and Infra Heat Therapies

Instead of taking those awful pain killers for my neck ache, I have decided to seek for other alternative therapies for my neck stiffness. My first visit to this humble chinese bone doctor was a painful one as he found much stiffness on my spine too. But after three therapeutic sessions with him, I can see an improvement on my flexibility.

My bone doctor uses a few alternative therapies to assist his clients. One of them is a heat pack with infra red on it. Infrared heat therapy, also known as radiant heat therapy is a term that simply means a form of energy that heats an object directly, without having to warm the air around it. An example of radiant energy is sunlight, which warms the skin even on a cool day. One can sit comfortably outside on a sunny, cool afternoon, and feel the benefit of the sunís radiant heat or its loss when the sun is obscured by a cloud. This form of heat therapy is often used by physical therapists, physicians, massage therapists and athletes for its benefits of relaxing muscles and its ability to speed healing of injuries.

I was shopping for my nephew’s 1st birthday invitations when I found time to research more on infra heat therapy. Many natural therapy practitioners extol the benefits of radiant heat. It has been used by Chinese medical practitioners for centuries, and new studies have shown that infrared light increases the number of white blood cells produced by the body. White blood cells, the bodyís main defense against infection, are vital to health and the quality of life.

Infrared heat therapy also provides for exceptional calorie burning. Whole body infrared heat therapy, such as can be obtained with an infrared sauna, can routinely burn six hundred to over two thousand calories in a regular half-hour long session. What a perfect way to lose weight.