Holistic Treatment for Acid Reflux

My search for a holistic treatment for heartburn started when the doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux last year. Heartburn or acid reflux is an irritating and uncomfortable feeling that makes one feel sick. It isn’t nausea but you feel like there’s a warm upsurge of wind in your windpipe. I detest that feeling.

Sometimes the burning sensation at the back of your throat or down by the breat bone can be quite painful. My doctor told me that I needed to go on medications on a long term basis and that led to search for other alternative therapies. After my research I found out that a lifstyle change is necessary to deal with acid reflux.

Soft drinks that contain caffeine can worsen acid reflux. Other foods to avoid are chocolate, peppermint, spicy foods, acidic foods like oranges, canned tomatoes, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts. Personally I have consumed some of these foods and they did not worsen my acid reflux but you should avoid them when you are experiencing heartburn.

The holistic treatment of using manuka honey has worked very well for me. Take a teaspoon 30 minutes before meal and let it dissolve slowly in your mouth. Do this on a regular basis and you will soon find that it is an effective remedy. It works for me and since then, I don’t need to depend on medications. Some people have success in using manuka honey for alternative treatment for severe acne. When buying manuka honey, choose the good quality and active ones. Avoid milk and milk-based products contain calcium and fat, so should be avoided before bedtime. Some also suggest that it’s good to avoid food for 2 hours before bedtime and not lying down after a meal.

Shop Natural and Alternative Therapies for ADD

I truly believe that there are alternative therapies for most health and mental conditions. Few days ago, my hubby just told me about her friend whose son is suffering from ADD also known as attention deficit disorder.

I understand that some people suffering from ADD cannot handle taking medication, either for psychological or physical reasons. Therefore alternative therapies seem the other option for ADD sufferers.

One way to treat a person who has ADD is through what is called behavioral modification or intervention. This is a direct negative or positive reinforcement of the behavioral changes we want to have take hold in the child. For example, a child in class who never raises his hand before asking a question might be given a small reward by the teacher for restraining himself enough to raise his hand before asking the question. This is reinforced over and over until it becomes second nature to the child. In other words, the child learns to raise his hand in class before asking a question. Even if the child still blurts out the question after raising his hand he is still rewarded for raising his hand to begin with. It’s a small step but an important one. The theory behind this is that rewarding the struggle towards changing the child’s behavior encourages the new full behavior.

Even at home, you can encourage new behavior by involving the child in little things. For example, if you are organizing moving pods in the house, the child can play a part by putting her favourite things into the box.

Another form of alternative therapy is what they call “Animal Assisted Therapy” or AAT. This is the practice of getting a pet for the child to pet and even to take care of. This teaches the child responsibility and keeps his mind occupied. Many children who care for pets become more self regulated and calmer.

A very effective form of holistic treatment is the small specialized classroom. These classrooms fill in gaps in learning that the child may have missed in his regular classroom, because of frequent outbursts. These classrooms incorporate learning with periods of vigorous physical activity, opportunities for success, and attention and reward for every accomplishment. These classrooms also provide naps for proper sleep and good food for proper nutrition.

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