Natural Remedy for Back Pain

With more of us sitting in front of our PCs today, more people are suffering from lower back pain.  This may be a result of poor posture, standing too long at work, or from a previous injury.  For those who deal with back pain, they know that the pain can become unbearable.  Back pain can cause great discomfort and can hinder the enjoyment from a person’s life.  Living with chronic pain can take its toll on the emotions as well, and can lead to mood swings and a negative outlook of life.  The best natural remedy is to avoid back pain injury, to begin with.

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One of the best ways to prevent back pain is to watch your weight.  Being overweight can lead to chronic back pain.  When the abdomen becomes overstretched, the back muscles will be used to counteract the effect of slack abdomen muscles.  By keeping the abdomen toned and not becoming overweight you can save your back a lot of injury in the future.

It is important that you prevent back injury at the workplace as well as at home. This may mean that you wear a back brace at work when picking up heavy objects. Also, you should always bend at your knees when picking something up. Many people make the mistake of bending at the waist to pick up heavy objects and this can result in strained back muscles, or back injury. I need to pass this advice to a friend who is in the process of a Construction job search due to the nature of the job.

For natural remedies for back pain, you can use hot oil baths to relieve the pain as well as have hot oil massages on your back. There are many natural essential oils that will help relieve the pain. To make a great hot aromatic pain-relieving bath, use 10 drops of Eucalyptus and 10 drops of Peppermint added to your bath. Soak in the hot bath for at least 20 minutes to achieve the full therapeutic benefits. If you are pregnant, make sure that you read the safety precautions on the label of any essential oils that you are using.