Natural Health Remedies and Massage

In Naturopathy or part of natural health remedies, massage is a remedial procedure that is important for body wellnes. A brief look at massage will tell you that it is therapeutically used for thousands of years in India, China, Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc.

Personally I enjoy it after a good Pilates workout or when I felt that I needed a good rub on my tired muscles. I would like to share some benefits of massage therapy, as a natural therapy point of view.

1) Massage reduces the tension in the muscles and relieves muscular pain. Strenuous exertion results in the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Massage helps to rid the muscles of this acid and thus imparts a feeling of freshness and vigour.

2) Blood circulation: Massage therapy stimulates blood circulation, so that the part is supplied with more nutrients, and its healing powers are augmented. The accelerated circulation reduces swelling. There is an increase in the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen and to utilize it effectively.

3) A good massage therapist can do alot for your nerves. Slow and gentle massage with light pressure relieves tension of the nerves and soothes them. Vigorous massage stimulates lax nerves and increases their efficiency.

I understand why my friend always books herself to a good Shiatsu massage after shopping for her equestrian apparel. A look on the web will also tell you that there are various forms of massage therapy to offer you the therapeutic effects.

In line of what many natural health remedies can help a person, many naturopaths believe that getting an effective massage is beneficial to overall body wellness as it encourages blood flow in the body, leading to a better body and a refreshed mind.