toys for little ones


For the last five years, we have been working in our home office. Being a full time work at home mom, my home office has sometimes become the ‘playground’ of my young child. It’s not something I encourage but it can be hard to set certain boundaries when he’s so used to bringing his little toys and books to my home office, I guess he just wants to be near his mom. At a young age, he would tell me that he wants his own laptop computer. I find this a bold request from a 4 yo though I know of some parents who allow their preschoolers to handle a computer at this age. For me, I’d prefer to keep him away from the computer at this age for the good of his visual health and wellness. I would rather expose him to toys that play and trigger his imagination and creativity.

be creative in healthy eating

It is encouraging to note that more parents are becoming more health conscious when it comes to making food choices for their children. I recalled the excitement of shopping for digital cameras when our son was born. We wanted to take pictures of his milestones, growth and developments. I even took pictures of his meal times and first foods experience.

With fast food being a big part of modern life these days, it can be hard to teach a child how he or she should eat healthy. I was kinda disappointed that our son’s nursery teachers took them to a fast food restaurant for lunch after a school excursion.

Even though it isn’t possible to get a child to like all healthy foods, you can be creative when trying to encourage your child to enjoy healthy foods. Try to sneak the healthy food into their meals such as adding bananas and apples to muffins and topping their favourite pizza with spinach, carrots or other vegetables.

do you feed your children with junk foods?

There is no better time to educate the next generation on the benefits of healthy eating. I have seen many parents handing junk foods liberally to their young children. On one occasion, a friend of mine wanted to offer my 18 months old child with a big piece of chocolate. I intervened and told her that he was too young for it. That incident had me labeled as a ‘boring’ and uninteresting mom. I shrugged off with jest on that comment but was firm in not allowing my 18 month child to have it. - Discount Vitamin Warehouse

I am not an unreasonable mom to begin with. But I, along with many child experts and paediatrician agree that young children should not get into the habit of junk food indulgence. This is especially so if they are below 2. When my child turns two, I allow moderate amounts of indulgences such as a cream cake, chocolate biscuits or candies. Moderate here means a small portion or one piece of chocolate biscuit. I do not want to deprive my child. Neither do I like him to pick up these unhealthy eating habits. Educating your child on the harm effects of junk food indulgence is helpful too. They too should understand why junk foods can deplete their energy levels and how they are not beneficial for their teeth and overall health.

Research has shown that children who are exposed to junk foods and practice unhealthy eating habits tend to lose their appetite for real meals and many have become food pickers. Besides, children need a well balanced diet of whole grains, protein, calcium rich foods and essential vitamins to maintain a strong immune system and develop a healthy body. Healthy foods such as salads, vegetables, and fruit should be also be included in your child’s diet.

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