Christmas Indulgence and Diet

Christmas is finally here and it’s a time of joyous celebration and fun with family and friends. It’s also a time where we observe our diets last as we dine and indulge in the Christmas dinners and meals.

This is our first Christmas in down under and we had a simple celebration as a family and was also invited to a Christmas gathering with some new friends. Being new residents in a new city, we don’t know what to expect but just go with the flow with the season. We bought a simple Christmas gift for our son and he was hoping for some new Marvel comic story books. We still have a rather healthy diet despite all the goodies that lined the shops during this festive. In fact, we’ve been keeping ourselves active by doing morning walks by the river banks and it was good to breathe in the clean fresh air in the parks.

As you celebrate during this festive, don’t forget to eat wisely and live happily. It’s ok to break the rules a little but don’t go overboard and overstuff yourself. You will soon find that you have to work harder to lose all that you have gained over the one week of indulgence.