health goals for the new year

I have every reason to believe that you have set your resolutions and goals for 2009. I do hope that you have not left out your health goals like I almost did! Few days ago, I got my goal list drawn out – my financial goals, personal and business goals. Then I realized that my health goals were left out unknowingly!

I was almost embarassed to say that I had not done any detox last year. As I had been on traditional herbal medicine for my night cough and sinusitis problems, I had put aside my 7 day detox for a while. But this year (2009), I am determined to do a detox. Many people chose detox for various reasons. Other than weight loss and the elimination of chronic diseases, detox is also good for regular health maintenance. It’s very much like giving your old car engine an overhaul and if done properly, it can reap results that exceed your expectations.

So whether your health goals involve weight loss or fat loss, make sure you include at least one health related goal in your resolution list for 2009. Have a healthy and blessed new year!

feel like a detox again

Lately, I’ve been thinking of doing another 7 days detox program but due to my busy schedule, it’s been hard to get started. The nice thing about working in my home office is that I can do my juicing during the detox program though I am tempted to peek into the fridge every now and then. But if you never done a detox, you should do your body a favor. It’s really not that hard. All it takes is commitment, discipline and the heart to have a cleansed body and put in the necessary efforts to achieve your goals.

detoxification and colon cleansing

Bluntly speaking, what goes in has to come out somehow. But what if what goes in doesn’t come out? Even if it comes out, it may not come out properly, which may lead other sicknesses and health problems. In case you are wondering what am I talking about here, I’m referring to the colon. It is no longer a new thing to talk about colon cleansing and detoxification. As more people become more health conscious, you can find all sorts of detox options in the marketplace including herbal colon cleanser to colonics to juice fasting. It is important to eliminate toxins that are built up in the body over a period of time though all detoxification processes should be managed with care. People have reported a number of benefits after doing a colon cleanse such as having more energy, clearing of acne, having less allergies, migraines and backaches have stopped, bowel regularity is restored and many other benefits.