fitness and healthy eating before your wedding day

There are many reasons why people like to stay in shape. One of the most valid and obvious reasons is when a woman is walking down the aisle with the man of her life. Most women want to stay in optimum shape on her big day!

Besides planning the wedding invitations, bridal gown, wedding venue and the wedding reception, the bride to be will be planning an exercise routine if there are extra pounds to be shed. Sticking to an exercise routine becomes a strong motivation for her to fit into her favourite Vera Wang or designer bridal gown… she just have to look her best on her big day!

As much as getting everything ready including your physical fitness in place, don’t forget that your best looks are reflected on good diet and healthy eating and these good habits should commence months before you walk down the aisle. But eating healthy can be challenging if you have a hectic schedule plus all the wedding checklist filling up the list. How about trying out 10 Diet Friendly dinners for FREE so that you can stick to your dieting plan before your wedding bells rang?

healthy grocery shopping for a healthier home

Grocery shopping is something we all have to do, even though choosing the right foods can be very hard indeed. Last weekend, while doing our regular grocery shopping after visiting the computer store for some digital stuff and laptop memory, we spotted a family whose shopping cart was full of snacks and junk foods.

Here are some tips to assist you in your healthy grocery shopping expedition for a healthier home:

1) Select canned fruits and tuna that are packed in water, not oil or syrup.

2) Look at the labels for the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated”. The earlier you see
them appear on the list, the higher the amount of unhealthy trans fatty acids the food will contain.

3) If you plan to buy chicken, select chicken breast for a healthier choice.

4) Go for whole grain breads, cereals, and rolls.

5) Ask yourself if you really need those sugary drinks. Why not buy some fresh fruits and juice them instead?