fitness and healthy eating before your wedding day

There are many reasons why people like to stay in shape. One of the most valid and obvious reasons is when a woman is walking down the aisle with the man of her life. Most women want to stay in optimum shape on her big day!

Besides planning the wedding invitations, bridal gown, wedding venue and the wedding reception, the bride to be will be planning an exercise routine if there are extra pounds to be shed. Sticking to an exercise routine becomes a strong motivation for her to fit into her favourite Vera Wang or designer bridal gown… she just have to look her best on her big day!

As much as getting everything ready including your physical fitness in place, don’t forget that your best looks are reflected on good diet and healthy eating and these good habits should commence months before you walk down the aisle. But eating healthy can be challenging if you have a hectic schedule plus all the wedding checklist filling up the list. How about trying out 10 Diet Friendly dinners for FREE so that you can stick to your dieting plan before your wedding bells rang?

preparing for the new baby

Pregnancy is a time of anticipation for the mom to be who is filled with excitement and anxieties upon hearing that she is expecting her baby. For the new mom to be, there is much to learn in this parenting journey and technology has certainly helped to smoothen this journey.

Apart from learning about breastfeeding benefits and everything a new mom needs to learn about childcare and baby health, the new mom to be needs to eat well and healthy for herself and her baby. Then the baby shopping list starts from shopping for the most comfortable baby mattress and spacious crib for the little one. You can probably put in a wish list for a Bugaboo stroller for its mobility and cool design. Breastfeeding moms may not need to worry much about baby bottles though a sterilizer is still necessary to sterilize baby’s equipment.

Preparing for your new born is certainly exciting but don’t let all the preparation rob you of your beauty rest and healthy eating regime.

dealing with piles and hemorrhoids

If diet concerns and healthy eating have always been the top of your list in your daily health maintenance, you would have heard about the term ‘piles’ or hemorrhoids being mentioned. Even if you are not suffering from piles, there may be occurrences of hard stools and constipation being experienced at some point of your life.

From my personal experience and observation, many citysiders and busy working executives have experienced pain or bleeding while straining for stool. Not only is this unpleasant, it can be a sign and symptom of one suffering from piles. Prevention is better than cure so it is necessary to know how you can avoid the painful condition of piles by knowing how to prevent it.

Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, fibrous foods and drinking sufficient amount of water can be your first steps to preventing hemorrhoids. Try to avoid excess intake of fried foods, fast foods, meat and seafood. As a natural therapy, try taking a glass of honey and apple cider vinegar plus a heap of psyllium husks with an empty stomach first thing in the morning, upon waking. This may help to regulate your bowel habits and keep your colon healthy. Hemorrhoid treatment should be considered if symptoms and pain persist especially if you have noticed any bleeding in your stool. You may like to check out Venapro, which claims to provide 100 percent natural relief from hemorrhoids. According to the product info, Venapro contains a mix of twelve important vitamins and minerals. Together, each one works effectively to deal with the painful effects of hemorrhoids. The natural ingredients – butcher’s broom and horse chestnut – help to strengthen the walls of the veins and bring healing. Visit the site for more details.