Pamper Your Mind and Body

The weekends is here again and I can sense a relief from many who look forward to a break. It’s so important to give your mind and body a well deserved break when you have been tied down with work and responsibilities all week!

One can take a break in many ways. You may want to head to the beach to hear the splashing waves, go for a walk or hike, take your bicycle to the park, attend a cooking class, go for a manicure and pedicure, go for a massage, sleep in and have your breakfast served in bed, stay at home and smell the roses, go shopping, head to the movies….etc. As for me, weekends is time with the family and sending my child to his extra curriculum classes and do some shopping for the house. I need to check out the ipad insurance this weekend since I had bought one two weeks ago.

With so many things you can do, there is no excuse not to give your mind and body a pampering break. Most importantly, enjoy what you will be doing and fill your heart with laughter. Didn’t they say that a merry heart does good like a medicine?

a little retail therapy for the mind

There are many ways to relax our minds and body and though you may laugh at this, I’m still going to tell you my point of view. Oppose to what many men think and say, retail therapy can be beneficial to the woman’s mind.

A busy working mom comes home to fix dinner and spend time with her beloved family 5 days a week and 365 days a year. It can get overwhelming for her unless she finds time to get some personal space such as go for a massage, be pampered with a spa treatment, make a facial appointment, take a girly break or go for some retail therapy! I recalled a friend who is so overwhelmed with her bar faucets business that she would go for a good shopping spree at least once a year. Retail therapy doesn’t mean you need to splurge on a diamond ring you can’t afford or a luxury bag that will break the bank but it means pampering yourself within your means and relax your mind along the way. For me, this can be relaxing for the mind and sweet to the woman’s soul 🙂