engage your mind

According to health experts, people who want to grow old healthy and wise should not only look after his or her own diets but get involved in an activity that stimulates the mind. It doesn’t have to be an outdoor sport or tedious activity, it can be something as relaxing as knitting, throwing your own clay or gardening. What’s important is to engage in an activity that you enjoy and are passionate about.

I was kinda impressed when I learned that any hobbyist can learn centering on the potter’s wheel with the QuickCenter system. With just three simple instructional steps, a child or an elderly person can enjoy throwing clay on this simple centering device. Whether it’s for leisure, hobby or a craft business, learning to make your first pot or plate can be such an enriching experience. Such a positive experience can be beneficial to the personal growth and wellbeing of the human mind and soul. Check out the link for more new products for the potter’s wheel.

manage your stress

It is important to know that stress is a part of daily life and it can never be completely eliminated. If this is so, then we should accept this as a fact. Since stress is inevitable and cannot be avoided, the key is to know how to handle it when it confronts you. You need to discipline your mind. Avoid too much pessimism and look at the better side of circumstances that confront you. To take off stress requires one to make positive choices and steps to diminish stress in your life. [Read more…]

the power of music

Music is power. It is able to influence, inspire, captivate, refresh, rejuvenate and recharge our senses. Over the years, experts have used music to transpire learning among babies, children and adults. In fact, medical professionals are encouraging sick patients to listen to soothing music and comforting tunes. Music is able to affect our subconscious and conscious minds in a powerful manner. [Read more…]