Natural Health Remedies for Coloured Hair

Do you agree that women spend more time on their outward appearance than men? Whether it’s the face, hair or skin, more women are seeking natural health remedies in their quest for better looks and health.

Giving the hair a colour to cover up those grey hairs or to spruce up the overall look for an occasion is never a new thing. My mom coloured her hair when I was a little girl and I could never understand why until I became an adult myself. More women are colouring their hair these days and due to the rising concerns of the load of chemicals in hair dyes, there are now alternatives for those who worry about the risks of carcinogenicity in traditional hair dyes. In the past, hair dyes contain aromatic amines and chemicals which had shown to cause cancer in animals and thus, manufacturers had stopped using them. However there is still an ongoing debate on the potential risks of carcinogens used in thousands of chemicals found on the hair dyes today. These days, women put in lots of time to strengthen their hair roots and scalp by using natural and organic hair shampoos and taking biotin supplement. You can also find safer solutions to colour your hair by choosing products that avoid hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. I was told that choosing highlights can reduce the amount of chemicals contacting your skin as compared to a permanent colour. And if you need to give a permanent color to your hair, then choose those that are natural and derived from plant extracts. A good health and organic store may stock these products. Henna is a a good alternative to give shine and colour to dark hair but caution must be exercised as too much of it can produce a red and auburn look.

An effective and natural option would be using chamomile if you have blonde or light brown hair. Steep 1/2 cup of dried flowers in a litre of boiling water for 30 minutes. Strain and cool then pour liquid through clean and washed hair 15 times.. Leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing. See how it goes. A faster alternative would be the use of 2 lemons to a litre of water. Dry your natural naturally in the sun for better results.