Natural Health Remedies for Healthy Hair

It is not uncommon that many of us spend money to protect our skin and health but we tend to neglect our hair health. There are many natural health remedies that aim towards better hair health and that involves a healthy diet and pampering the hair with good massage oi

For beautiful and strong hair, hair oil should be massaged into your scalp and be left overnight. You can also use a steamed towel to cover your hair for half an hour for best results. This gives your hair a shiny and lustrous look. I know of a good friend who goes to sleep with coconut oil on her hair twice a week. As such, she has nice black hair and that good old coconut hair oil therapy seems to slow down the growth of grey hair. In the past, I used to think that my wooden office furniture needs oiling but who knows that my hair does need some tender loving care too!

Massaging your hair and scalp stimulates the blood circulation, which in return helps your hair. The oil protects your hair from the strong and hot sun rays. The oil also gives your hair that extra shine. Some of the most natural health remedies and beneficial oils which are being used for beautiful healthy hair are:

Jojoba Oil – can be used for dry hair as it helps to moisturize your hair properly. It helps to soften your hair and can be used to detangle your hair before shampooing.

Olive Oil – strengthens your hair and nourishes it due to inherent qualities it has. It helps to reduce stress and promotes the idea of healthy hair by providing elasticity to your hair.

Coconut Oil – is one of the oil which helps in the lubrication of the hair. The content in coconut oil like magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron happens to provide the best for your hair. It is very useful for damaged hair due to its ability to strengthen it.