Natural Health Remedies for Pain Relief

Who likes to experience pain and aches when you land your feet in the morning the moment you got out of bed? It’s good to know of some natural health remedies for pain management as there are times you may not have any pain killers with you.

During the early times, the treatments used for various illnesses or diseases are taken from resources that are naturally found in the environment. Nowadays, certain synthetic chemicals have already been developed by chemists or scientists. The previously used form of treatment is still available, however. These treatments are usually used by people who are afraid of experiencing side effects from medicine drugs or by those who wish not to spend so much on medical treatment. As expected, there are also natural forms of pain relievers. When I having a painful heel during my last vacation, it was agonizing. Travel and medical insurance would be helpful when you travel but problem is, we tend to think more about cheap auto insurance than medical/travel.

Salicin of the white willow bark is a popular natural remedy for relieving pain. The extract taken from the bark of the white willow is widely known in China to be a good cure for relieving body pain as well as for lowering fevers. The active ingredient contained in the extract of the white willow is salicin which is converted within the body into salicylic acid. This kind of acid is said to decrease the levels of prostaglandin which are substances known to cause pain and inflammation. For this reason, the white willow has been known to treat acute and chronic types of pain such as those that characterize headaches, backaches, and menstrual cramps. The white willow has also been acknowledged to have good anti-inflammatory properties, thus, making it a good treatment for arthritis.