Natural Health Remedies to Rid the Cold

The weather has been rather crazy since we got back from our Asia trips and my highly sensitive nose isn’t coping very well. As such, I have been down with a cold since yesterday and one of the best natural health remedies for a cold is a good sleep.

I took a nap this afternoon to rest up that tired body of mine and felt much better after that. A cold usually comes on slowly. Early symptoms include feeling tired, sneezing, coughing and having a runny nose. People who have colds do not always have fevers, or sometimes their fevers are very low-one to two degrees above normal. When you feel a cold coming on, try to stay home and rest, especially if you have a fever. It’s a good idea to stop smoking and to avoid secondhand smoke while you are ill (and while you’re healthy, too) and to keep away from alcohol.

I’ve been taking lots of manuka honey and echinacea to fight off any infections. Warm water is also good if the post nasal drip is bothering you and you should avoid icy drinks or foods till your nose clears up. After that nap in the afternoon, I could get some life insurance quotes and do some work before preparing dinner for the family. Simple natural health remedies like manuka honey, propolis, lemon and echinacea are my favourites.

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