Alternative Therapies and my Mom

As my love and knowledge for alternative therapies continue to grow, I feel more confident and at ease when I’m under the weather. My mom used to get frantic over a little throat clearing or sniffles but I often have to assure her that everything is under control.

It is hard to convince her why alternative therapies work better in the long run for certain ailments. She is that kind who is skeptical about vitamins and supplements and she even considers them ‘medicine’. It’s only of late that she began to understand why some supplements really work for certain diseases. Take for instance her knee joint pain that she’s been complaining about lately. For years, I have been buying her glucosamine supplements till she reprimanded me on one occasion. So I stopped buying them for her. Months later, she was having so much pain in her knee and her doctor actually told her that the painkillers ain’t going to solve her problem. He suggested taking glucosamine and not long after that, she told me about this. Finally she opened her heart and mind to alternative therapies and started her glucosamine supplements again. This time, it’s on her own accord and she hasn’t complained since. Infact, her knee pain has shown much improvement too.

As I looked back, it’s interesting to note how I used to ask my mom how to get rid of blackheads when I was a teenager and now that I’m a grown up, she would ask me about alternative therapies that will help her with some common ailments. And I’m so happy to share my knowledge with her and this time, she doesn’t need much convincing anymore.

Alternative Therapies and Pain Management

None of us like to be in pain. From alternative therapies to over the counter medication, there are many solutions to deal with pain. I believe all of us have experienced pain of some sort at some point of our lives. Pain is generally described as an annoying and excruciating sensory and emotional experience that is basically linked to certain damage on the skin tissue.

There are many alternative therapies that covers all the necessary and effective treatments and methods that are capable of relieving people from the hassles and disabling effects of pain. In the world of medicine, it generally involves the proper use of narcotics and analgesics. Natural or herbal products are among the many types of alternative pain relief options and treatments that are widely available today. You can find these products in the form of oil, ointments, lotion, etc.

Thanks to technology and the advocates in natural therapies, you can find more herbal and natural pain relief products in the health stores and pharmacies today. Many years back, herbal pain remedies have already been used to help mend any form of sprained injury or external bruising. These natural cures are also perfect remedies for rheumatism and arthritis pains. Compared to prescription drugs and medications, natural or herbal pain cures are reported to be equally effective, and users need not to worry about the grave side effects of prescription drugs. My grandma used to use heat therapy to relief her body of aches and pain. All she used was a hot water pack every night and she would just sit by her Amish fireplaces to keep warm. Heat therapy is a popular and cheap remedy for some pain relief options.

Many natural doctors use herbal and natural products as alternative therapies as they are effective in providing pain relief while helping to reduce the use of painkillers or medications. These natural pain relief creams and ointments help to relieve inflammation of muscle and joint conditions, rheumatism, and arthritis, promote faster healing and help to soothe sore muscles too.