Natural Remedies and Foods That Fight The Herpes Virus

Just the other day, I was discussing about the natural remedies for herpes with a natural doctor friend and learn that there are foods that are helpful to those suffering from this condition.

Herpes outbreaks can be uncomfortable and painful and in some case, embarrassing and inconvenient. Most times, herpes patients require prescribed medication to control the flare ups. But with some natural and alternative therapies, we can add some of these superfoods to our diet to help the body fight off the herpes virus.

1) Broccoli is known to fight cancer, heart disease and other serious conditions. These green florets are high in vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system. Broccoli may also inhibit the herpes simplex virus from reproducing.

2) According to recent research, cranberries may help to fight infection by the herpes virus, one of the most common viral infections. Cranberries are already known to prevent urinary tract infections by reducing the power of certain E. coli bacteria to stick to the urinary tract walls, and recent studies suggest that cranberries also significantly suppressed herpes type 2 by preventing the virus to attach to and penetrate the walls. HSV-2 or herpes simplex infection is responsible for cold sores and genital herpes.

3) Another superfood to watch for is kelp. Kelp is a nutrient-dense sea vegetable that can also help eliminate herpes outbreaks. It is also known as Laminaria and it works as a blood purifier. You can take a kelp supplement or add it in foods and salads.

Other superfoods that can help strengthen the body’s immune system to fight the herpes simplex virus are those that are high in vitamins B, C, and E, as well as lysine, an amino acid. Fish, bean sprouts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grain complex carbohydrates are all great sources for these. You should avoid refined sugars, stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, excessive sun exposure, and smoking, as these all have the ability to deplete energy stores which can in turn compromise your immunity and your ability to fend off infections.

As far as natural remedies are concerned, you need to know that stress is a major cause for herpes outbreak. So you should do whatever you can to minimize stress in your life – get plenty of sleep, take time out to relax, and get plenty of fresh air and exercise. How about relaxing over one of Gatlinburg vacations to eliminate stress and be recharged!

Herpes Treatment

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