Rebounder and Trampolines for Organic Health

School holidays for my boy is here and looks like I’m geared for a busy week ahead. Though it’s only a short one week break, it can drained alot of energy out of me when this boy here isn’t tired from the time he opens his eyes till the time he crashes! As an organic health mom who embraces natural health and all, I try to get him involved in outdoor fun and activities.

In this day and age that is filled with high tech activities such as video games, the internet, and endless television shows, a rebounder or trampoline can be a valuable and affordable fitness equipment for the family. A trampoline allows your children to get some exercise and use up their energy!

A trampoline allows the kids to have fun and keep them in shape and fit. In our home, the trampoline wasn’t bought for our boy but for us! This is a great method for exercise and enjoyment for the adults and bouncing on an outdoor trampoline can provide many benefits to people of all ages. A rebounder works well too and can be placed indoors. If you are on a weight loss journey, bouncing on the rebounder and brisk walking on the treadmill are great natural weight loss options! When you bounced on the rebounder, you activate your lymph nodes and every part of your body is moving. It’s great to ‘wake’ those sleepy muscles and bones up!

Trampolining is an excellent way to get everyone fitter and healthier. Not only can you improve your strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, you can be more agile and healthier!

Trampolines and rebounders are a source of real fun for self and family. I first started it when I was on my organic health journey and it was a great exercise whenever I was detoxing my body. However, it is very valuable if one knows exactly what shape, size or type of trampoline, the different safety precautions one needs to take for a safe exercise routine. Don’t do too much too soon if you haven’t done it before… your body needs time not only to learn new moves safely but also to adapt to the new stresses being put through it.