why a good night’s sleep matters

Since the start of the first week, I’ve been an early riser! My preschooler has started kindie and I’ve volunteered to be his chaffeur in the mornings. As such, I’ve been trying to sleep a little earlier so that my brain will function well and properly in the day! Do you know that sleep deprivation will diminish mental performance?

I once had a friend who said to me that a good night’s sleep is worth more than his Patek Philippe watch! I thought that was a funny statement but there was a certain truth attached to it. Adequate sleep is crucial to proper brain function – no less so than air, water, and food. There is nothing like a good night’s sleep. You feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Having said all these, when is the last time you have a good night’s sleep?

get more sleep

In a few days’ time, I will be heading home after a 3 week family vacation in Japan and Hong Kong. I was initially hoping to get more sleep during this vacation but how many of you know that it is hard to sleep early when you are holidaying a busy city like Japan and Hong Kong.

According to my traditional chinese physician, late nights are not beneficial for those who suffer from respiratory ailments such as post nasal drip or sinusitis. Some people get too engrossed with home entertainment and their home theater sconces that they can be sleep deprived after spending too much time in front of the tv.

Just like most ladies who make sure they get their beauty sleep to look good and fresh, make sure you increase your snooze hours if you haven’t been doing that lately. Make that your new year resolution – for the good of your health. That will be one of my goals in 2009.