how Vitamin E helps to prevent stretch marks

These days, more skin care and personal care products are emphasizing on the use of Vitamin E as part of the ingredients list. Besides being known for speeding up wounds healing and scar prevention, Vitamin E is also vital in protecting the cell membranes from the harmful free radicals that are present in the body. Without Vitamin E, amongst others, the cell membranes would be damaged and this could lead to serious health problems, including cancer. Vitamin E is therefore essential for the immune system.

Vitamin E is available in a variety of different forms, such as alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherol. The variety with the highest bioactivity for topical use on the skin surface is alpha-tocopherol. To check the type of Vitamin E you have purchased from your health stores, simply check the Thermal labels on the packaging. It has shown a great variety of skin benefits in clinical studies, such as reduction in scarring and the reduction of stretch marks. The effect of vitamin E on stretch marks is due to to its regenerative effect on our skin. Vitamin E penetrates deeply into the skin to stimulate the growth of new cells, replacing the scar tissue found under stretch marks.

The Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention cream is enriched with vitamin E, also a powerful antioxidant and essential ingredient for skin regeneration. It can be derived from a variety of plants and nuts like almonds, kiwi fruits, and mangos.

As such, the stretch marks become thinner, shorter and fade over treatments. As vitamin E stimulates the production of new skin cells it has an even more powerful effect as a preventative treatment for stretch marks: it increases skin elasticity and firmness and helps in the regeneration process. The application of vitamin E will make the skin less likely to tear, significantly decreasing the chance of stretch marks. With 90 days money back guarantee, I guess it’s worth a try to rid of stretch marks on your beautiful body.