protect your children from the sun

Do you know that your children need the highest protection in the sun! School holidays, playing outdoors… childhood is a time when we’re most exposed to the sun. As the child’s immature skin is more vulnerable than an adult’s, it will carry the effects of every sunburn, for life. Here’s some useful advice from Clarins:

1) Stay under the sun at the Right Time
Between 11am and 4pm during peak sunshine hours, try to stay in the shade. Use the time to do something fun – take a siesta, do some drawing, visit a museum, walk in the woods, bake a cake… the possibilities are endless!

2) Regular Application.
Always apply and reapply your sun protection every two hours, and more frequently in strong sun. And not just on the beach… apply first thing in the morning, as the sun can find you wherever you are!

3) Be well prepared.
Take it everywhere you go to carry your water, snacks, sunscreen, After Sun Gel, t-shirts, hats and a light jacket for when the sun goes down.

4) Use the right products.
Sun Care Cream Ultra Protection For Children SPF 30 is ideal throughout the summer. Its 100% mineral sunscreens provide perfect tolerance and the formula is resistant to water and salt making it ideal for water sports.

5) Don’t neglect After Sun Protection
After their evening shower, children’s skin needs to be nourished and moisturized. Apply After Sun Moisturizer for isntant colling and comfort. It’s ideal for the entire family.