natural treatment for mole removal

Nobody likes to be troubled by a facial imperfections including skin moles. I have to admit that when I was a kid, I even thought about mole removal and in those days, mole removal was an expensive procedure as laser treatment was reserved for those who could afford.

All thanks to research and technology, mole removal is easily affordable via laser surgeries in skin specialist clinics. But there are still many people who prefer a natural treatment for mole removal. In other words, no surgery, no laser treatments – just plain natural way of mole removal.

Mole removal from home is possible with patience and proper instructions. If you are one of those who are seeking for natural mole removal, check the following suggestions. I have not personally tried these methods but there are sufficient proven testimonials and positive outcomes from those who have used one or more of these methods for natural mole removal:

Here are some of the home remedies for mole removal:

• Ground some flaxseeds, mix with flaxseed oil and small amount of pure honey and form a paste. Apply it everyday on your mole. It is said that the mole will fade a few weeks!

• Apply pure honey to the mole every morning for a couple of weeks to fade out the mole (I’m a little skeptical about this).

• Crush some fresh garlic put it directly everyday on the mole and cover it with a bandage. This may sound like a pungent way for mole removal but then again, if it works, why not?

• Apply some apple cider vinegar to your skin mole. Apparently, the natural enzymes in vinegar will cause it to fall off after a few weeks of application.

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Incision surgeries or laser treatment may be a faster option but then again, it depends on you. Laser works like a barcode scanner and in seconds, the mole removal process is over. But sometimes, the mole may not be totally zapped out.

For more natural methods of mole removal, check out the wart, skin tags and mole removal book. There are also other methods for mole removal that you may like to check out including the use of organic herbal oils. Those who are seeking for wart removal and skin tags removal can also try out these natural healing oils.

remove skin tags, warts and moles without surgical help

Sometimes it’s hard to convince people of the removal of skin tags and warts without any surgical involvement but the truth is, many people are receiving natural treatment and experiencing positive results by just following some simple steps.

I was just talking to a friend who had been in elliptical sales for a long time and she was sharing about how skin tags and warts had caused her lots of inconvenience over the years. Like many others, she wanted to find out how she could permanently removed my unsightly moles and warts, without any harsh medical procedures or painful over-the-counter products. After a long search, I referred her to Chris Gibson’s book on natural treatment and removal of skin tags, warts and moles in 3 days. According to the website, the testimonials of the real life customers had been impressive and encouraging. What really encouraged me was to read about how this eight year old girl had about 80 warts removed in a week. To find out more, click on this link!

natural treatment for skin mole and wart removal

A garlic press, with pressed garlic.

I’m not sure about you but I’m of those who shudder when I hear about using needles, knife or any strong chemicals on my face. My first and last experience of mole removal was a laser treatment. It wasn’t painful but I was very fearful and anxious then. Nobody likes to tackle skin moles, warts, and skin tags, do we? But as much as we like to leave them alone, the fact remains in that they are ugly and unsightly!

If you prefer a natural treatment, consider these remedies for removal of moles, warts and skin tags:

1)  Apply apple cider vinegar on the skin warts with a cotton ball and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with water and leave it to dry.

2) Do you know that you can dissolve an aspirin with a small drop of water and apply to the wart. Cover with a plaster and repeat twice daily.

3) Talking about home remedies – you can mix some baking soda in water and rub on the wart 3-4 times daily. You can soak a clean cloth gauze with a mixture of baking soda and castor oil and apply it on the skin mole. Use a plaster to keep the cloth in place and leave it for overnight.

4) To get rid of plantar warts, daily take a piece of ripe (or raw) banana peel and apply the pulp side to the wart and cover with a band-aid. Remove it only when taking a shower. Apply daily for many months.

I was also told that for old skin warts, chew some cashews and place it on the wart. Your warts should melt away in 3-4 weeks.

Rub some crushed garlic on the wart 2-3 times daily until the wart disappears in 3-4 weeks. Mash a garlic clove so it is pulpy and moist and cover the skin wart with this pulp and secure it. Leave it for overnight and warts will start disappearting from the first night.

Even our favourite food ingredient – the healing onion can do the job! Chop up one raw onion and cover with salt and leave overnight. Use the juice and apply it on the skin warts 2-3 times daily until warts disappear. Find out now how to remove Mole, Wart & Skin Tag Free In 3 Days and find out the all-natural cure For removing moles And warts In Just 3 Days!